Using the Right Tool for the Job

   We all learned in school about man’s invention of basic tools…such as the wheel, the lever, the hammer, and cutting devices. Think of how those tools made for the hands of a skilled surgeon have changed due to innovation …rudimentary stones to metal knives to precision sharp scalpels to laparoscopic machines, lasers, gamma knives.  We keep inventing better tools in all areas of life…more efficient, faster, safer.

    When talking with prospects for our product, we often find medical practices using tools that we know are not as efficient as the MDreferralPRO solution.   Our solution helps practices f ind  sources of referrals, track the referrals from those sources, and document  their interactions with those sources.    In finding those sources, we often find prospective customers searching the Internet or using stale lists. Our solution is much better because we have a full national database of all providers, searchable based on many criteria, with contact information including convenient mapping.   A much better tool that produces much better results saving hours of time and money.

   In tracking  referrals, we often find practices that either don’t analyze the data at all, or they spend many hours manually pulling and analyzing their data using spreadsheets and producing reports that are frozen in time.   We provide an array of analytical views of your data using algorithms to help you focus in seconds with laser precision on the steps you can take to create profit for your practice.  

    Finally, we often find practices documenting contacts using no tools at all, basic calendars, or generic “Customer Relationship Management” (CRM) products that are designed for mass appeal to salespeople in other industries. We hear from these prospects about the lack of a consistency in their efforts due to no systems, or the frustration with dealing with these CRM products. Too distant and large of a company, too broad of a product, too many extra charges to create reports…basically the result of not using a tool specifically designed for the job.

   We designed a tool to do what medical practices need done. You want to make sure the relationships you have with your referral sources is healthy and growing.   Is your practice expending way too much time and effort because you aren’t using the best tool for the job?   Or is your practice not doing much in this area because you just don’t seem to have the time or resources? We developed this tool because we saw your need and we can make your life much easier. We look forward to speaking with you.

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