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7 Tips For Transitioning To A New Physicians Liaison Software

The transition to a new referral software is challenging. The best way to approach transition is with a clear path to success. Taking the mystery out of picking the right system is easy.. These 7 tips can help take the unknown out of this vital transition.

Plan, Plan, Plan, and then, Plan Some More

This step can’t be stressed enough. Many doctors, managers, and liaisons don’t rely on good planning. This part of their practice always seems to be in flux. . The best way to avoid problems and offer patients and providers the best information is to plan. Plan out a means to bring clear, current information to them. To be able to reach out to providers and get an immediate response. Offer collateral information to get an immediate response.

That all takes a well planned system.

Write down your needs over several days
Write down questions over several days
Check the different software options online
Single out options that offers a demo
Company should have liaisons/marketer on staff
Make sure your demo is delivered by an experienced liaison

Support and Training Are Key

To take on technology there needs to be training. The referral software must have a help, support and training platform. That platform needs to be readily available. It should be easy to access and easier to use.

Simple commands, phone support, and chat need to be built in. The trainee has to have support while traveling, mobile and desktop. Being in the field is necessary for referral marketing. The trainee needs to be able to get their questions answered at almost in a reasonable time frame for the project (in a reasonable time period) anytime.

The best referral systems will have a training component to the purchase.
Customer service must be a top priority. It must be bundled with the software. It must be native to the USA and fully accessible during the hours of operation of most medical offices. 

Must be Able to Organize Your Content

The most functional referral systems will have records content. The purpose is to collect data for the system analytics. The software needs to be easy and functional. That means data collection is comprehensive and organized. The software must be versatile. There must be a way to customize components.

Data needs to be available in the office. It also must be available on the road. The system has to allow managers, staff and liaisons to individualize data. The transition period must include customization training. This step should be a top concern. This is the daily performance capability of the system.

Roll Out Slowly

The system needs to be transitioned slowly. That way it can be implemented for everyone. The transition from analog to electronic can be time consuming. The best way to handle the transfer is to take time. There are referral systems that can integrate spreadsheets. There are referral systems that can integrate other software. Be sure to check if the software integrates with many platforms.

Training should be done over time, also. At least one manager needs full training, so they can train others. Taking some time to roll out the new system will ensure effectiveness. A complete training will reduce support requests. Less time spent on support means more time spent prospecting new providers. 

Make Sure Referral Marketing Is Running

The marketing program is as important as data gathering. In fact they work closely with each other to develop new referral prospects. Making certain marketing is in place and running effectively is important.

During the transition period make sure data collection is a simple process. Make sure that prospective providers are easy to find in target areas. Also, that the information that is gathered can be customized to individual needs. Organization of categories such as specialties, demographics is easy and effective.

Everyone Needs Updating

The transition must have transparency to work. The more people are included in the transition the better. Stakeholders at all levels need updating. The process can be slow with many bumps along the way. To alleviate that offer your staff and managers limited access to the transitioning system.

With limited access there can be important feedback during the process. The system can be monitored from a number of sources. Changes to the referral system only happen at administrator level. The tracking of fresh opinions can enhance the transition process.

The Entire Process Agreed Upon

When planning the transition there needs to be a consensus on the process. The implementation is effective when there is agreement across staff levels. Meetings are vital for updating on the plan. There should be, as the first step lays out, a plan. But that plan must have general approval. The creation of a committee is important. A steering committee can bring into play a number of issues. Those issues can be addressed before, during and after transition.

The body of the committee should be diverse. It shouldn’t be just management. The members should represent all levels of staff. There needs to be reports on each step in the transition. The reports should come from stakeholders who will use the platform. When those reports are honestly assessed the transition will be effective. 

When a referral system is effective it builds confidence. The confidence can be patient related or staff related. Doctors, providers and managers all create the basis for the need. The referral system directly affects the success of a practice. How well the system is transitioned plays a vital role in the practice success.

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