December 5

Holiday Countdown!


Holiday Countdown!

Embrace the holidays-

     Embrace the holiday season and add some sparkle to your marketing and sales strategy. Take advantage of the benefits the holiday season can bring to your branding. Adjust your logo and social media profile pictures to incorporate elements associated with the holiday season, both online and in any printed materials. 

    Also, add holiday flair to your social media header images. These ideas can be used on your website, social media accounts, email, and in any holiday cards you send out. Be creative! 

    Overpost during the holiday season. Use this time of the year to reflect on the entire year. Share stories about your practice's journey throughout the year, a patient's success story, staff holiday recipes, decorating ideas or plans for the new year. Provide your readers with content that brings value and promotes your practice. 

    As the end of the year approaches it is also the perfect time for sharing retrospectives, from healthcare trends that defined the year, to new medical procedures and treatments, you'll find there's no shortage of topics to write about during the holiday season.  

Reward Your Brand Ambassadors & Encourage Partnering with your Practice-

     Your followers on social media can be your best brand ambassadors. So....thank them! Promote the services you’re offering, such as a free flu shot during flu season , a free first adjustment for a chiropractic clinic, a free teeth cleaning for a dental office, or a free checkup or physical for a doctor’s office. The list is endless! 

     The holiday time is the ideal time to post short, relevant videos that help your audience and promote services and information relevant to the season, such as extended business hours, healthy holiday insights, etc. Keep the videos short and get creative with your email subject lines.

    Holidays are a time of giving. We give gifts to family, friends and even work colleagues. Identify a cause or local charity whose values and mission align with your practice; then partner together to help. You could host a food drive or even organize a toy or clothing drive.When promoting such events keep the focus on the cause! Marketing materials can include your branding and some details of your involvement but remember to gracefully show your support for local resources while encouraging your audience to also become involved.  Incorporate competition into your charity drive. Engage your employees and channel their inner competitive streak. See who can collect the most. Or, partner with other businesses in  your area (even your competitor). A little friendly competition can really drive your event. Don't forget to share your success and thank those who participated.  

Holiday Hospitality-

     Create the right atmosphere for the holiday season. You've added holiday flair to your branding, so next incorporate the holiday flair to your business and bring a bit of seasonal joy. At the very least consider offering your customers a mug of hot chocolate, or other seasonal drinks on entering your business. Naturally, consider the budget and what would be appropriate to the bulk of your audience. Just make sure you have a plan to remove it all once the holiday is over.

     Add some flair by getting your customers involved in creating the right atmosphere. Organize a holiday themed easy, ole favorite -  Ugly Sweater Contest. Ask your customers to submit photos of themselves wearing an ugly Christmas sweater with a prize for who gets the most votes. All entries should be posted on your social media channels, the idea is more about generating publicity and having fun.  

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