Jazz Up Your Medical Practice, Mardi Gras Style

While people think that Mardi Gras started in New Orleans, the tradition actually originated in Mobile, Alabama. Starting in 1703, Mardi Gras began with formal masked balls and elegant costumes. It originally was limited to those with high society rankings, but has turned into a huge affair for communities all across the area.

Floats fill the streets during public parades to celebrate. The floats of Mobile Mardi Gras are a yearlong undertaking. Each group involved tries to construct the most unique and eye catching creation. Floats have Mardi Gras “throws” to toss to the attendees of the event to capture their attention. These throws originated as simple beads, but have since evolved to all types of decorated plastic cups, candy, wrapped cakes/snacks, stuffed animals, and small toys, footballs, frisbees, or whistles. Trying to stand out from the rest, floats compete for the best overall design and for the best throws to the crowd.

What “throws” are you offering as your message? How is your “float” standing out from the rest in the parade? To keep relevant to your ideal patient base, you need to engage both referring providers and their patients to influence the impression they have about you and your practice. Distinguishing your practice from the rest can be the difference between people flocking to your float or passing you by in the parade. Our team at MDreferralPRO can help you with the plans and building of your float, so that yours is always the one they look forward to seeing in the parade.

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