August 16

It’s All About Relationships


It’s All About Relationships

     An uplifting interaction happened a few days ago with a longtime MDreferralPRO user and a potential client. I've been in talks for weeks with this potential client hammering out all the final details...contract terms, data acquisition, references and so forth. What I was so pleased to hear was that one of our references described the staff of MDreferralPRO as 'like family'.  She talked about the quality of our service but most importantly talked about the relationship she had with our people. She told this prospect...'they know me and I know them'.  To us, that is more than customer service or "just a sale," it's a relationship. 

     So, if client relationships are so important, why are they so often neglected? Often, we will have a client contact us because they are frantically trying to figure out why a physician suddenly stopped referring. After investigating, we most often find that MDreferralPRO analytics had them at the top of the trending down list and yet there would be no record in our system of contact with the referral source. In other words, the relationship wasn't cultivated. The warning signs were there but ignored.

     We all know that staying in touch is key to produce a committed relationship. There may be info to share or concerns that need to be addressed, and having a healthy relationship makes everything much easier to navigate. Those relationships make your practice more enjoyable and financially secure. Even if you or your practice has hundreds of relationships to manage, using MDreferralPRO makes sure that you never neglect any of your relationships.                                                                                     

                                                                                                                                                                              - Ashleigh L. McKenzie    

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