November 30

Happy Holidays


Happy Holidays

Holiday Marketing...say 'Thank You' on a Budget

Tis the season for gift giving, but with narrow marketing budgets and being mindful of the gift-giving laws, saying thank you to referral sources can be stressful.   No matter the specialty, all physicians long for patient satisfaction and excellent customer service, which often begins in the waiting room.  Below are a few gift ideas if you are in a crunch. Also, be creative when delivering gifts. Consider hiring a Santa or holiday elf to deliver gifts with your physician liaison. The picture opportunity can make a splash for both you and your social media audiences.

Recyclable Earbuds. The Internet and smartphones are part of everyday lives. Customized recyclable headphones are a great way for patients to scroll social media, answer emails, listen to music and play games to help pass the time. Plus, bulk pricing is budget-friendly. 

Coffee Table Books. Make sure to write a personalized note inside the book to thank the practice for their commitment to excellence. 

Office Magazine Subscription. A magazine subscription is a gift people will enjoy long after the holidays. When purchasing a subscription make sure you are considerate and appropriate with selections. Plus, you’ll be saving the practice money. 

Plants. Plants symbolize long-lasting best wishes from the giver to the recipient. Just remember not all indoor plants are the same so make sure you pick something that requires little to no maintenance. 

Unique Amenities. The hospitality-oriented trend for waiting rooms is here to stay! Choose gifts that focus on comfort and convenience. Gifts can include large water pitchers etched with the practice logo for beverage stations, personalized mints/hard candies, board games and age-appropriate books for families. The possibilities are endless!

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