A True Jubilee

Many of us at MDreferralPRO live near the shore of Mobile Bay in Alabama. At times when you might least expect it, Mobile Bay experiences something pretty phenomenal: a Jubilee. Crab and shrimp, as well as fish such as flounder, come to the shoreline creating this phenomenon. When this happens, the calls go out no matter what hour of the night, and people from miles around take over the sand to catch some of the visitors. All types of fish come to the surface of the water in masses. The exact timing of this fleet is never known for sure, but conditions such as the timing of a full moon or the levels of oxygen in the water can help be indicators of what’s to come. It has been proven that this phenomenon only happens in Mobile Bay and in Japan's Toyko Bay on the other side of the earth.

You can’t count on mother nature to create the perfect conditions for a big catch for your practice. Instead of sitting back and waiting for patients to come to you, you should be aware of the right conditions that create referrals. Using data, reports and targeting, you can create a strategic plan for that next trip to sea and predict with confidence when the next wave of patients will come your way. The resulting jubilee for your practice is the combination of increased volume resulting in practice growth. So don't wait aimlessly by the shoreline for the next jubilee. Plan ahead and pay attention to the indicators of your practice's success. With MDreferralPRO's help, you can create the perfect conditions for the next big catch.

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