MDreferralPRO puts the ability to identify, track, and analyze referral relationships right at your fingertips, with no advanced tech skills required.

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Introduction To MDreferralPRO

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast Area. There were many medical practices, hospitals, etc. that were displaced because of the devastation. Bricken McKenzie had no idea how to go about finding those medical professionals that were no longer in the location he knew. 

This began the creation of MDreferralPRO. The MDreferralPRO App helps medical offices identify, track and analyze referral relationships during the entire business development cycle.

Providing a perfect solution for doctors and administrators in healthcare all over the country a simple, secure, and effective referral marketing app for their physician liaison staff to generate more business with less effort.

The marketing referral tool can fit into almost all administrators and physician liaison’s daily work habits, easily.

Today, MDreferralPRO has made the role of the liaison more functional and less encumbered in areas that are traditionally data-heavy and unorganized.

MDreferralPRO takes away the tedious repetition and replaces it with the more functional verifiable results that administrators and Doctors can track. 

Helping Physician’s Liaison Work Faster and Easier

Physician Liaisons have to alot of manual referral checking and spreadsheet data crunching as part of their job. 

Liaisons feel encumbered, juggling many things at once, many apps and marketing databases, for a time-consuming effort with less than spectacular results.

Much of the work they are handling has to be manually looked up, downloaded, then scrubbed for extraneous data, it is tedious and results are often too broad and general for the best provider information. 

The MDreferralPRO organizes, scrubs and presents results in an ordered, well laid out, easy to present format. It tracks and compiles the data, for departments, and providers, by as many criteria and filters as needed. Allowing the PL to work faster and easier. 

  • PL can choose a target area geographically to focus referral efforts.
  • PL can select specialties within the target area avoiding tedious manual research .
  • PL can access the app on mobile
  • PL can create a custom list or visit list to organize and focus on call schedule
  • PL can decide who they should call and when to call. 

MDreferralPRO data-rich environment lends itself to immediate comprehensive referral data, laid out in simple terms that are easily understood and relayed to the client. 

[MDreferralPRO is Easy To Use On Mobile]

Leverage Technology to Get “Clean Data”

We have seen many Doctor offices operate with many different tracking systems or worse everything is a tracked on sticky notes and spreadsheets.

PL would have to use multiple mediums to record calls, and then how do you find those calls and notes? What did I do and when? Makes the PL frazzled and unorganized and opens up to chances for human error in tracking and analytics. This is not the PL fault, it is a flaw in the referral system.

When a medical office is not operating with a data-driven system for generating referrals they are running the business on “Dirty Data” because there is no clear process or system for tracking and analyzing the referral data. 

MDreferralPRO’s system provides a “Clean Data” solution you can rely on for fast and accurate information medical staff can act on with confidence.  

MDreferralPRO is transparent, with administrator tracking, prospect tracking and a database that is simple and effective, with a complete provider information base, that can be searched and filtered by almost any type of criteria a Physicians Liaison needs.

PL can store and track visits to providers and notes info in one easy application from the field.

PL can access previous notes and reports quickly and easily. 

Liaisons can immediately record information into the application vs. inputting information after hours. Most liaisons are in & out of offices and administrative opportunities are few (or personality isn’t suited for such).

Marketers need to know 2 things-who to call upon (list) and then record their connection attempt (list analytics help to focus their efforts)

Administrators can see target market areas, provider list, visits & notes report at any time. The ability for admin to customized charts/graphs and add filters is great for those who wanted to really dive into the analytics and ‘follow’ the money.

How MDreferralPRO Puts Everything In One Easily Accessible Place


Create an effective sales strategy that saves time, boosts referrals and increases your bottom line.


Execute growth plans using visualized visit trends to acquire more physician referrals, resulting in organizational growth.


Easily document visits and notes. Record sales calls and customer relationship information

The entire reason for a single place to have access to all data, from multiple department sources, is to be able to access it when time is short, access is difficult or when the data is required for meeting with a new client, referrer, provider, and administrator.

MDreferralPRO was created and developed for any liaison, to hold the information in such a way that it is easily, clearly and accurately relayed, when it is needed, not in additional meetings, or after a call, when time allows. 

How the Old Way Can Hurt Productivity and Presentation

If there is a delay or the access of the data is difficult or time-consuming the physician liaison is not making any progress in building more referrals because they are too bogged down with tedious data crunching that is no longer required of them.

Because today medical offices have a service that is fast, efficient, and far more comprehensive than using their own manual tracking and reporting process.

Clear Reasons To USE MDreferralPRO

The growth and clear paths to increased revenue are easily some of the most important reasons to use MDreferralPRO. Proving clean data, on all departments, and on all types of providers, is clearly a path to decrease research time of PL and increase client facing conversation and referral meetings that can directly lead to increased income, even at the simplest level. 

To be able to compile data in more ways, with less effort really speaks to a way to maintain referral sources that are already in the database. 

In The End, It Does The Most

Offering medical offices, large and small, the same high-quality referral providers, from as many sources as possible, from expanded lists, to get more calls in, travel more efficiently, and get on top of the latest providers is a better way to do business. 

MDreferralPRO has developed a way for physician liaisons to interact with providers that combines a deep understanding of the referral sources to generate as much referral business into the medical practice as possible. 

This is evidenced by the ease with which more data can be compiled, from more sources, and with simple interfaces, that can be then organized and presented with more clarity and accuracy, according to the needs of the provider and the administrator. 

The liaison tools, for building their referral lists, and sources, are more scalable and results orientated, with a myriad of ways to visualize results.

The daily call logging and notes can be easily accessed, in all modes, desktop or mobile. Which also provide the Doctors and Administrators a resource for tracking performance of their physician liaison staff. It's like a built-in management system to recognize top performers in their business. 

With the ease of access, the expanded results presentations, and a better “clean data” interface than other types of software, MDreferralPRO delivers a path to growth, increased revenue and less complicated presentation and compilation process. Simply a good way to handle a complex process, in a more results-orientated way.

We Make It Easy To Grow Your Practice.

MDreferralPRO quickly identifies, tracks and analyzes referral relationships during the entire business development cycle and creates reports to show which referral sources are most profitable and which prospect need more attention.
All within one easy to use web-based platform.