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Working with United Digestive, in Georgia USA. We were speaking with Ashley, the Project Manager. She has worked for them for six years. They have more than 50 locations, with over 100 doctors and staff. Their company is growing fast, and they needed a good way to handle referrals.

The Problem, Frustrations, and Ultimate Cure That Fixed It All

Ashley let us know that the old method of handling referrals was an actual "nightmare."
They used spreadsheets and had hours of work to find simple information.

The method was old and not working. It was worse because the business was growing fast. To add to the problem, they were changing EMR software.

Why Now?

The company was growing so fast, that using spreadsheets was impossible.

The cost of that kind of referral system was too high, and United Digestive needed a fix immediately. Referrals needed deep analytics.

Liaisons need to be able to get the data when they are traveling. Managers in the field need a fast way to call up information. All data must be easy to move and adjust to needs.

There was an immediate need for trends in provider services. And the simple background information was so hard to get marketing worked night and day.

"We Needed A Solution"
‚ÄčUnited Digestive searched for a replacement for a referral system. There were many different types of project management systems. There didn't seem to be any system to address the issues.

There was software that had too many features. Not enough of the features addressed the problems. When the company discovered MDreferralPRO there wasn't much excitement.

The software looked hard to use and complex. They didn't have a lot of time to devote to training.And there wouldn't be enough time to learn a complex system.

Then the company decided to have a demo of the system. Everyone who participated in the demo agreed.

The system addressed all the issues. It handled the spreadsheet issue. The analytics were clear and concise. Trends were easy to follow. The liaisons could have access to the entire platform during travel.

It was the exact solution Ashley had hoping to find for a long time. She was so excited with what she learned on the demo. In a short period of time, it was obvious United Digestive needed MDreferralPRO. The company moved to MDreferralPRO. The results have been outstanding.

Why MDreferralPRO was the Solution

United Digestive is going through a transition. MDreferralPRO helped Ashley develop Widgets (online tools to make work easier) for referrals.

This allowed her to use the platform. It also allowed her to train the clinical managers, who use the system. This double benefit brought immediate results.

There are two full time Physician Liaisons and 24 Managers. More than half are already trained on MDreferralPRO.

All are using the widgets in the field. The result is an increase in response times. More calls returned, better provider information upfront

MDreferralPRO has an easy interface to understand. That interface is simple to use. The layout encourages personal customization.

For Ashley, this is a complete turnaround. She states it is 100% better. It is no longer a mess. It doesn't take hours to find market data.

She can run custom analytics. It is productive and filled with options. The features are plain to see and use.

The rollout has solved so many problems. The company is now focused on its transition. The staff is using this simple, effective method of referral tracking. 

A Demo Reveals Everything

Would you want to streamline your business like United Digestive did?

If you are struggling to organize data and becoming upset with number crunching, then book a demo with MDreferralPRO team today. MDreferralPRO will reveal how much easier work can be.
It is easy to book a demo with MDreferralPRO. The friendly staff is always ready to answer questions. Bring your questions, concerns, and needs to the demo team.

It is obvious that the system works for large organizations and small. The staff can be managers or liaisons, and even both. Setup a demo today, there is no obligation, and it will make your organization grow in amazing ways.

We Make It Easy To Grow Your Practice.

MDreferralPRO quickly identifies, tracks and analyzes referral relationships during the entire business development cycle and creates reports to show which referral sources are most profitable and which prospect need more attention.
All within one easy to use web-based platform.