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5 Effective Ways To Build A Physician Referral System

To build a good physician referral system, the manager needs a place to start. These 5 ways to start a physician referral system outline the steps to take. Based on need, quality, and reach, these ideas can produce results. 

1. Write Down What You Need With Goals

Make a list of what you need, want and desire. Then cap each item with a goal. That is the most effective way to create a system. That could be any system at all. For a referral system, you need specific items. The list should have -

A method for contacting prospects.
A system of data collection
A plan to implement the system
A way to analyze data
A way for the PL to access the data

Marketing is the main goal. Marketing to providers and Physician Liaisons. As the goals are met the system grows. With growth comes expansion and the original list is the foundation to that goal.

A list provides a pathway to follow. It outlines the direction of the practice. It also reveals shortfalls. Some of the shortfalls could be a faulty data collection method. Limited analytics technology can mean lost referrals. Or a referral system that is outdated and difficult to organize. The goal will reveal the best route to take.

Each goal builds a strong foundation. The foundation can support the practice. Goals make that support grow with the practice.

2. Make Sure To Invest In Tech

The right technology eliminates errors and builds strong foundations. To do this it must work properly. Software can be difficult to understand. That makes it hard to use on a daily basis. If providers are having to interpret information, they will stop using the system.

The technology should offer clear information. The information should be easy to follow. The most important elements are front and center. Ways to organize, customize and deliver data are outlined. Help and support are easy to find and work all the time.

The basics are always the most important data. Having a strong base to work from in technology means scalability. The system must be able to grow with the practice. That is the entire idea of a system of referrals.

3. Marketing Engagement and Reach

Make sure to expand your reach, through marketing. Providers, patients, and managers are all savvy customers. Their needs are now paramount. Marketing brings new faces to the table. It offers a way to expand and compete. Bringing a variety of specialties to the practice builds trust.

A method that shows promise is through social media. Many practices, managers, and providers offer ways to connect with them. Social Media is a mainstream medium and should be used regularly.

Calling is still a means to connect with providers. Tried and true, phone calls get answered when the pl delivers good referrals. The better the referral, the more the provider talks to the liaison.

Email can offer another way to market. Today most advertisements go to junk mail. Spam is everywhere, unfortunately. Newsletters, topical content, provider-specific information, gets read. A good marketing system will target the audience. Providers like to see relevant information in their inboxes.

Managers need to get called. They must get updates from the liaison. Practice information needs updating. When building a system for the practice proactive marketing wins.

4. Cross-platform Interfacing

The way your referral system interacts operationally is vital. The other software systems need to work with the referral system. EMR, clinical data gathering, SOPs, all need to be integrated. And much of that data is different media types.

Today, the referral system must integrate video, images, stills, webpages, PDFs, text, and data. It must be able to organize the content. The content must be accessible quickly. And it needs to be customizable during travel.

Mangers, physician liaisons, and providers are constantly on the go. Calls need to be backed by data. That data must be available instantly. It must be customizable by topic and item. There must be a way to organize it to individual needs.

Providers need the information constantly. They can’t ask for patients to wait. They must have clear accurate referrals immediately.

Having a versatile and flexible system is key to growth.

5. System Functionality

When something is too complex it is left unused. Any referral system needs to be usable. That means some complexity and innovation. It also means straight forward to learn for groups. Diverse staff members need to use the system.

Managers and physician liaison should be able to manipulate data. Mobile platforms must be similar to the office version. Customizable data needs to be clear and accurate. Each individual data user needs to have access instantly.

The referral system needs to address the provider’s needs. There needs to be a well laid-out display. Information organization must be concise. Easy to use screens and displays. Help and support need to be easy to find.

Finally, the system should be innovative. The use of the latest technology is important. The system should be all in one place. And the cross-platform aspects need to be clearly defined.

Comprehensive Performance 

These methods and systems are all addressed by MDreferralPRO. The system is innovative and comprehensive. The functions are quickly learned. The interface and interactions are simple. It’s data analytics are straightforward and customizable.

The entire system can be integrated with other software. It can reproduce any kind of media. And it is mobile and office-based. The system can be adjusted to individual needs. The user can change the data layout while traveling or in the office.

A demo shows all and is available simply by getting in touch with a sales representative. 

We Make It Easy To Grow Your Practice.

MDreferralPRO quickly identifies, tracks and analyzes referral relationships during the entire business development cycle and creates reports to show which referral sources are most profitable and which prospect need more attention.
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