Marketing Purposefully…

Marketing Purposefully...

To make money, you have to spend money purposefully. Cultivating referrals requires a relationship.

We live in a consumer, information driven world and the healthcare arena is no different. And like all things, finances have the lead role in the decision making process. Often you hear, to make money you have to spend money. The old saying is missing a key word that is a game changer for any size specialty practice. To make money, you have to spend money purposefully. Cultivating referrals requires a relationship. Successful specialty practices have already recognized the need to break away from traditional marketing strategies alone. Marketing doesn’t have to be costly. MDreferralPRO is a tool designed to create, execute and document a healthcare organization’s growth strategy by strengthening the relationship between physicians and their practice to maintain and grow their patient referral base purposefully.

MDreferralPRO's Advanced Analytics can provide answers to questions such as:

- Is my data driving my strategic growth strategy?

- What referring sources are trending up or down?

- Are there new sources within my market area?

- Are marketing efforts paying off?

- Am I targeting the right referral sources?

- Are referring sources sending the right payor mix?.

MDreferralPRO consist of both active and predictive analytics so it takes the guesswork out of referral marketing!

User Spotlight

Utilizing the advanced analytics page allows me to really dissect my referral reports. I have the ability to customize exactly what we are looking for at that time, and base our sales strategy off the results.

Karlee Reynolds

Laurel Medical Solutions provides orthotic, prosthetic, home accessibility, respiratory, mobile and medical equipment throughout the state of Pennsylvania. To provide these services, Karlee and her staff of trained and licensed technicians use MDreferralPRO to determine who to market to based upon trends. As a medical supply company, marketing to the appropriate referral sources to meet sales quota is vital for company success. In addition, she is able to run reports for investors of each staff member with sales visits and notes activities.