Is your rock round?

Ashleigh L. McKenzie

Is your rock round?

We are impacted by the “cove” we live in, coming in contact with other people, circumstances, challenges and opportunities that shape us every day, over and over. And we shape others the same way.

One of my goals this summer was to find the mysterious place where perfectly round rocks naturally form.Unlike Pokemon, they really do exist. Sounds easy enough, but I have been in search of this spot with its perfectly round rocks for many years. Many locals around this rural island know where they are, but they are tight-lipped.

Now these are no ordinary rocks. Truly, these rocks are almost perfectly round, can be as large as a mooring ball and can be any color pattern imaginable. If you found one, you’d likely display it in your home or office and would have a great story to tell.

Finding these rocks was no easy task. First, was a rough boat ride that took us 8 miles offshore to the island, then a 15 mile bike trek over rugged, rocky terrain. After spending what seemed like hours with my “head in the sand,” I looked up to find my son nearly 200 yards away waving to get my attention over the sound of the crashing waves. When I got close, I heard him scream, “This is Boom Beach.” We had reached our destination. I was there. The rocks were there.

But why would this secluded beach in the middle of the Atlantic produce such beautifully round rocks? This beach is a small horseshoe cove where the waves crash onto the rocky Maine seashore and along with the high tidal change, the water literally lifts the rocks causing them to bang against other rocks while rolling down, over and over and over. After years of doing the same thing, they become perfectly round.

Maybe we should see ourselves in the same way, getting more “round” and refined every day. We are impacted by the “cove” we live in, coming in contact with other people, circumstances, challenges and opportunities that shape us every day, over and over. And we shape others the same way. We should all do our best to shape each other to be the best we can be. This continuous shaping and refining is what allows us to work together to accomplish incredible results.

Defining goals and objectives are the first step to executing a successful strategy for your organization’s growth. Then, executing your plan each and every day will help you produce the “round” results you seek. MDreferralPRO is a web-based application that has helped healthcare organizations all over the country develop concrete strategies that foster lasting relationships with referring providers, while allowing users to discover potential relationships within a specific target market. Relationships result in increased physician referrals and ultimately, exponential practice growth, which is the formula for success for your healthcare organization.

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-Judy Hooton

User Spotlight

The training and support that is provided by the MDreferralPRO team is some of the best I have ever experienced. They are quick to respond when I'm out in the field or at my desk and need an answer.

Judy Hooton

Judy Hooton is a 25 year veteran of Physician Liaisoning and has been at SouthEast Eye Specialists (SEES) for all of those years. SEES is headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee with 17 locations throughout the region. After recently opening a new SouthEast Eye location in an unfamiliar area to Judy, she used MDreferralPRO's Geo-Targeting feature to locate potential referring sources by creating a target market area. As SEES continues to expand, finding qualified potentials within a target area is a must! MDreferralPRO allowed her to not only select qualified potentials quickly, but also provide a 'call to action' for the SEES liaisons. Judy has used MDreferralPRO's Visit List to record visit information and notes. Judy, along with her staff, and other SEES physician liaisons are able to see that the liaison visits has resulted in new patient referrals for the new SEES location.

Analytics Academy

Managing your Prioritize Provider List Monday, September 19th at 1:00pm CST

Simple and easy to interpret analytics, help guide decisions for your practice and what easier way than through MDreferralPRO's predictive analytics. MDreferralPRO uses proprietary algorithms to create a Prioritized Provider List of providers to call upon, based upon their specialties, referral patterns, and liaison visits. Distinguish between both active and potential referring sources to create a marketing strategy to not only help maintain existing relationships, but grow new ones. Register to to learn how to manage and customize your PPL to build marketing strategies to grow you healthcare practice's bottom line. Email to register

Customer Corner

User asked: Where can I see if a physician has stopped referring to my practice? MDreferralPRO's answer: A referring patterns can be viewed in a variety of ways throughout the application. First, a user can look up a referring provider by using filters in Advanced Analytics. Second, a user can look up a referring provider on their Prioritized Provider List (PPL). Any physician who has ever referred to your practice will be on the PPL. If the provider is trending down he/she will be ranked higher on list list. Third, a user can look up a referring physician by selecting the "Active Referring Sources" built-in list in Geo-Targeting. This list will populate providers that have referred in the last 12 months. To submit a question and possibly be featured in the Customer's Corner, send an email to info@mdreferralpro, subject Customer Corner.

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